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Welcome to the Innovative Actor’s Studio! We are the #1 source for actionable acting techniques and cutting-edge best Los Angeles acting classes. We want actors to succeed, and that means cutting through the noise of the Los Angeles acting class scene. Our acting school strives to bring simplicity, truth, and results, and our students’ results speak for themselves. Want to experience our methods? Just fill out the form on your right for a free introductory class!

Your Acting Coach

Our studio was founded and is instructed by Bob Caso, a 30-year experienced professional actor and voice actor. Bob has appeared in film, TV, commercial, voice over, and theater, as well as being an award-winning screenwriter and film producer. There is no acting coach in Los Angeles with as much experience on both sides of the camera, and the wealth of knowledge and network he has developed is of vital use to our students. This is one of the reasons we have become one of the best acting classes in Los Angeles.

Our Techniques & Methodology

We can only describe our techniques as “honest”. They all center around developing a truthful performance within the actor – not something that has to be fueled by pain, emotional memories, or other conflict but from a genuine connection with the character. We develop these talents through the use of monologues, scene study, cold reading, improvisational techniques, script analysis, and emotional exercises that help the actor to fine-tune the skill of accessing a performance – a level of care and attention that is hard to find among acting classes in LA. Our student’s results prove the effectiveness of the method, and we can’t wait for you to experience it yourself.

Try Our LA Acting Classes

You may have wondered, “how do I know whether the acting classes near me are any good?” The best way to find out is to experience our techniques for yourself by sitting in with us and taking a class. Bob is more than happy to work with actors of any and all experience levels and offers a free class to new prospective students. During this class you can take the opportunity both to sit in on Bob’s work with other students and get up to work with Bob yourself as he guides you through finding the character in a monologue. Just fill out the form on the right for your free introductory class!

Student Testimonials

Listen to a few of our students from Bob’s East Coast school talk about what the class has meant to them in their own words. Results always speak for themselves!

“There are very few places where you can find a teacher who treats each student as an individual and takes the time to know and understand all their students. I have signed with four agencies since being in this class, booked numerous commercials, a TV Pilot..and been invited to a seminar in New York this upcoming winter to meet some agents and casting directors there.”
– Natalia Averills

“I have learned so much not only about acting, but about the industry as well which is just as important. Since joining I have gotten an agent and booked a couple of projects with the tools I’ve learned while taking this class.”
– Brandie Honor

“Working with Bob Caso and TAG was one of the best experiences of my life as an actor. I learned to connect with characters on different levels and most importantly when it comes to auditions, which are an actor’s job.”
– Lowrie Fawley

“After studying with many ‘method’ teachers I was pleased to find an approach that just boiled it down to common sense. If you have a chance to study with Bob, I highly recommend you do it.”
– Joe Schofield

By the way, my name’s Vince. I’ll be working with you as you get acquainted with our school. I look forward to seeing you in class!

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