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A Team with Experience

Thank you for joining us at the Innovative Actor’s Studio. Our school takes a unique approach to cultivating a performer’s talent and their ability to flourish in the industry.

We were founded in 2019 as the Los Angeles branch of the Acting Dexterity network. Our other institution, The Actor’s Group Orlando, is itself one of the largest and most popular classes in Florida. Innovative Actor’s Studio, however, is designed to serve our Los Angeles community.

Our school is based around the acting methodologies and experience of Bob Caso. He is a 30-year professional of the field, and multi award-winning screenwriter and film producer. He brings a wealth of knowledge from both sides of the camera, and that is why our students get the incredible results they do, allowing us to become one of the best acting institutions in Los Angeles.

We often see prospective students, actors, or merely curious searchers asking themselves, “how can I be confident in choosing a place to learn my craft?” For us, that comes down to your experience with the culture of the class and with the acting coach. We always strive to bring out the absolute highest level of talent in our students and give them the resources they need to succeed, and will never leave a student behind.

While a lot of acting schools in LA will try to make the case that their “technique” or curriculum is the best, we can prove it. Most acting classes will proudly get results with a student over the course of years, while we can get the same results in a fraction of the time – with major breakthroughs beginning to occur in a matter of months. Imagine what you could accomplish with us.

But, as always, the best way to discover what we do is to try it for yourself. We offer a free, 100% no-risk introductory class so you can experience our techniques. Just fill out that form on the right and we’ll be in touch!

Further, our program is run behind the scenes by Vince Caso – Bob’s son and established actor himself. Vince’s career as an actor combined with his background in business have come together to successfully administrate Innovative Actor’s Studio.

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