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Becoming a Hollywood star is a dream many have, but very few accomplish. Several factors can contribute to failure in thriving in the acting industry; however, one outstanding reason is fear of rejection. Getting turned down on any given occasion is always a painful and disturbing feeling everybody has experienced at least once in their lives. As an aspiring Hollywood star, you need to get rid of  this feeling, start attending acting classes, practice what you would have learned, and prepare for upcoming auditions.   

Unfortunately, most auditions won’t go as planned. After delivering what you feel is a powerful performance, your hopes might get crushed by the judges’ decisions. You might also be told hurtful things that might leave you shattered and disappointed. What you need to keep in mind is that rejections from such auditions should not be taken personally. Instead, learn how to handle the situation maturely.

Tips to Deal with Rejection

As a budding actor and an aspiring Hollywood star, getting rejected at auditions is inevitable. Be rest assured that you’ll face a lot of disappointments along the road to stardom, but how you deal with it is what matters. The process of dealing with such a heartbreaking moment isn’t easy either; however, this could be an animus to propel you further. Taking every rejection as a lesson and making a positive step from it will be fundamental throughout your career life.  Here are some of the tips you can follow to help you come out stronger next time

Move On

People react to rejections differently; some will go through a phase of self-doubt and anger, others might beat themselves up and feel discouraged. All these hurtful feelings accumulate, especially when you reminisce the sleepless nights spent on preparation and all other sacrifices you made to make the audition a success. One might even recall the entire performance and rip each stage of the performance apart in a quest to know what went wrong. It is normal to get emotional after a rejection; such reactions occur naturally, and nobody can blame you for feeling that way. However, dwelling on such emotions can be damaging. It is best to get over the event and focus on your next move. The faster you move on, the better for you.

You need to understand that sometimes the criteria for selection could match your abilities and skills. Still, due to other internal/external factors like limited production needs, budget restrictions, or even a few slots could render you dismissed. In some coincidental cases, you might just be resembling another casted actor, and that would be a problem too. You also need to understand that many rejections will have nothing to do with you or even the judge’s preferences. 

Additionally, you can make a list of all you planned to do in that audition, then mark the things you could achieve. Once you do this, you can easily track what you did wrong and commence working on your weak areas. You can decide to ask for feedback from friends and family; by doing this, you could get meaningful criticisms to help you sharpen your acting skills. Keep in mind that lingering on the subject of being rejected won’t be helpful in the long run.

Accept Your Mistakes

Owning up your mistakes is another essential method to handle rejection. After getting rejected in the audition, do a quick evaluation, pick point your errors, and create a list of fresh goals. Thereafter draw up an effective plan and adhere to it to perform better in the next audition.

Accepting your mistakes will help you get away with the urge of making excuses for your wrongdoings no matter the circumstances. Your mistakes can end up being a valuable lesson that could impact your life forever, so don’t overlook this factor as well.

Be Positive

Positivity puts you a step closer to achieving your goals. Chalking it all up and seeing each rejection as a stepping stone to your destination is how one can bounce back from rejection. As much as everyone wishes to be successful at every audition or get that dream role at a single audition, we need to understand that such wishes rarely happen.

Being optimistic after every disappointment will put you in the right mind frame to take on the next task that comes your way. In the movie industry, auditions are about booking the office and not booking the role. What this means is that every good audition is an opportunity for other auditions. With constant improvement and staying positive, you will get that break you deserve even after a rejection.

To achieve your dreams as a Hollywood actor, irrespective of the number of rejections you have received, you need to prepare adequately for other opportunities ahead. Enrolling in high-standard acting classes and programs will be fundamental to boost your acting skills. By engaging in such programs, you will also get to meet other aspiring actors who will have many ideas and experiences you can learn from. There are also many online courses you can enroll in that offer flexible and simple lessons that might suit your needs.

Getting a mentor is also a good way to improve your skills. You can connect with top actors if you enroll in acting classes. Social media is another great platform for you to meet experienced actors who could mentor and train you. 

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