Five Ways To Get More Auditions

Ever wondered why you don’t get as many auditions as you wish to? Ever questioned how hard your agent is pushing you? The answer to these questions is that getting auditions strongly depends on how pleasant you are to work with and how proactive you are. Getting constant auditions goes beyond attending acting classes Los Angeles and how talented you are. If you are looking for ways to get more auditions on your own, below are some effective methods to employ:

Update Your Online Casting Profiles

One way to stay on top of your game is by having an online casting profile that is up to date. From your credits to your headshots and reel footages, you must ensure that they are as recent as possible. You should also endeavor to update your credit as you go and take down old ones like a student film you did ten years ago. Your headshot should always be recent and should look like you. They should also be suitable for commercials, TV, and film auditions. 

Make Sure Your Stats Are Correct

Another thing that improves your chances of getting more auditions than you used to is correct and updated stats. It is important to fill in correct details about your physical appearances and skills. Exaggerating your skills is not advisable as it can hinder your chances of success if you can’t prove it when called upon. It is also advisable to update your skills as you acquire them. These skills can range from horse-back-riding to snowboarding. 

Always Keep in Touch With your Agent

One way of improving the rate at which you get auditions is by learning to check in with your agent. Your agent caters to many clients. However, one effective way of navigating this is by always keeping in touch. You should never hesitate to ask for feedback about your profile and endeavor to be at the forefront of your agent’s brain. By keeping in touch always, there is a higher possibility of you coming to mind when they are submitting actors for roles. It is essential to know that your chances of getting an audition and, subsequently, a job depend on how much you keep in touch with your agent. 

Submit Yourself On Casting Platforms

If you are looking forward to getting more auditions than you used to, it is advisable not to depend on your agent solely. You can also take a big step by submitting yourself on casting platforms, even if you already have representation. 

You can also add additional information about your latest bookings, your major credit, your representations, and so on. If you have met the casting director in a class before, you should endeavor to mention this alongside the date and venue. Adding a social media account can also be helpful, especially one with more than 10k followers. 

Finally, another way of improving the rate at which you get auditions is by creating a long-lasting relationship with casting directors. You can do this by meeting them in person via masterclasses. For more information about this, visit https://innovativeactors.com

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