How to Become an Actress in Los Angeles

how to become an actress in Los Angeles

Useful And Powerful Tips To Break Into Acting

How to Become an Actress in Los Angeles – Innovative Actor’s StudioIf you want to know how to become an actress in Los Angeles, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. It’s not easy to make it as an actress, especially not in Los Angeles where the competition is so fierce. However, it’s not impossible; not if you have an idea of what you need to do to make it.

That’s why today I bring you a few useful and powerful tips to help you break into acting in Los Angeles as a woman. You have what it takes, now you just have to work for it and make sure you stick with it. It will be difficult, but achieving one’s dreams is never easy!

  1. Know your industry

If you want to make it in Los Angeles as an actress, you need to know and understand your industry. Reading this article is a good start, but you want to go deeper into how things work so you can avoid common beginner mistakes. In other words, you need to prepare. The more you know, the less you’ll be caught off guard and the more you’ll be able to seek opportunities.

  1. Save up!

Los Angeles is an expensive city to live in, so you need to save before you make your big move. If you already are a local, then you’ll need to save for acting classes, head shots, an acting coach, and more. I recommend you get a day job that will allow you to save money while still being flexible enough for you to show up to your acting classes and go to auditions regularly. Aspiring actors need to invest in their career, so saving money is key and knowing how to handle your finances is what will get you there.

  1. Keep yourself motivated

It’s no secret to anyone that aspiring actors often flock to Los Angeles, so it can be discouraging to face the odds. However, part of what it means to become successful is being able to move from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm or motivation. You will get rejected, that’s just a fact, but if you keep going and you keep trying, you will land your first job in no time. You need to recognize that your goal of becoming an actor is worth the work and the discipline. So, yes, you will have bad days, but you must fight through them if you want it to work.

  1. Get into acting classes

Formal training is not a requirement to become a successful actor. Many actors who’ve made it were dropouts. However, it’s vital that you still work your craft and develop your skills as an actor. This can be done by enrolling in acting classes. In Los Angeles, there are more acting classes, acting schools, private acting coaches, and conservatoires than you’ll know what to do with. So, do your research and take the plunge with a class and instructor you believe in and jive with well. This will help you to refine your skill and build connections in the industry.

  1. Find an agent

An agent is vital once you gain some traction as an actress because they will help you navigate the industry and they will submit you for auditions they know you’ll be great at. If you’re not there yet, you can always find yourself auditions in Los Angeles using platforms like Casting Networks, Actor’s Access, and Backstage and keeping your eyes open in your area. However, once you can get your foot in the door make sure you find a good fit for you because they will definitely help you make it. Work with someone you trust, someone who can advise you and someone with whom you can be honest about what you want. If they can introduce you to the right people or be able to speak for you to casting directors, you will gain a great advantage.

  1. Prepare for auditions

Once you’ve gotten an audition, you need to prepare for it to make sure you book the gig. This means you need to arrive on time, so plan your route in advance and make a schedule to get ready, make sure you show up well-groomed, bring your head shots and any other thing they ask for – if any, always be professional, and learn to listen. Following instructions is key!

Follow this advice and put our tips into practice and you’ll see that breaking into the acting scene in Los Angeles will be a bit easier.

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