Voice-Over Audition Tips


Voice-Over Audition Tips

Perhaps you have an audition on the way, and you are determined to perform outstandingly, then you should consider taking acting classes Los Angeles. To make your voice-over audition a success, there are some essential tips you must follow. Regardless of whether the voice-over audition is for a film, commercial, or video games, these tips will help.

Analyze The Script

This is one of the essential tips that must be followed before audition day. If you have the script with you before the scheduled date of the audition, you should take the time to read through and thoroughly analyze it. If it’s a video game, you should find out about each character, the setting, and the preferred voice. On the other hand, if it’s a commercial, you should research what’s being sold and how it’s being sold. If you can’t get the script before the audition date, you should endeavor to arrive early. You should reach there about 30 minutes before the event commences. During those periods, you should practice the script. 

Determine The Tone

Using an appropriate tone is essential when auditioning. It’s what will give your words meaning. However, to know the right tone to use, you must first understand the characters. If it’s a commercial, your tone should reflect the type of product being auditioned. 

Know The Role

You must know the role you’re auditioning for before the audition. You also need to know the personality of the character. You should know their role and how they respond. Having a general knowledge of who the characters are is not enough; you need to study the script to learn more about them. 

Know The Location

You must find out the location where the auditioning will be held. Research your target audience to know who you’re dealing with. Knowing your audience and where the occasion will be aired can help a lot in interpreting the characters. 


Whether you already practice the script before the audition date or not, you still need to arrive early at the venue. That will give you enough time to relax and warm up. You should do last-minute practice, whether in your car, waiting room, or wherever you are. 

Adhere To Directions

You should adhere to the instructions of your director. However, that doesn’t mean you have to change all the tones you’ve mastered except you’re told to do so. Ensure that you understand the instructions given to you by the director and repeat the instructions back to them to confirm that you understand. 

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